Friday, 19 February 2010

Spirituality : More about Hinduism

On a comparison between Hinduism with Christianity, Dr. Walter Martin explained in his book "The Kingdom of the cults" that Hinduism, for all of its diversity and contradictions is not compatible with Christianity. He emphasizes how in all its forms, Hinduism denies the biblical Trinity, the deity of Christ, and the doctrines of the Atonement, sin, and salvation by grace through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
Martin explains how it replaces resurrection with reincarnation, and both grace and faith with human works and states that one cannot, then, achieve peace with God through Hinduism or any of its sects.
Martin refers to Lewis in this quote: "C.S. Lewis wisely observed that at the end of all religious quests one must choose between Hinduism and Christianity; the former absorbs all others and the latter excludes them. Peace with God is not achieved by looking inside oneself but by looking up to Him of whom Moses and the prophets did write - Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ and Son of God"
In defining the Hindu belief, he mentions how fundamental to Hindu thought is the idea that all souls are eternal and accountable for their own actions throughout time. According to Hinduism it is said that Karma refers to the debt of one's bad actions, which must be atoned for (through various Hindu systems) in order for one to escape the wheel of reincarnation. It is further explained how the soul inhabits successive bodies - human, animal, or even plants or inanimated objects.
To read more about the increase in pantheism and the New Age movement rooted in Hinduism beliefs, see No God but All: Eastern Mysticism and the New Age Movement ."If New Agers naively view themselves as God and blindly deny the obvious reality of evil in the human heart and the human race, then it is not surprising to find them completely distorting the teachings and significance of Jesus Christ. For them he is an example of how to live like a God, not our sovereign God come down to redeem us from our pretensions to Godhood. The New Age movement gladly confesses Jesus to be God, but then goes on to explain that, of course, so am I and so are you! " They conclude their article by stating: "Someone once said that the two most important truths are that there is a God and that we are not him. To these we may add a third: There is a world, and it operates by God’s rules, not ours. To confess these fundamental truths is the beginning of wisdom, and this is what the New Ager and so many others in our society desperately need to hear.

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