Thursday, 18 February 2010

Essence of Christianity : HolyCommunion

The fruit of the vine and bread are symbols of the blood of Jesus that was shed during His crucifixion and the body of Jesus that was broken (it doesn’t turn to the actual blood of Jesus like some Roman Catholics believe). Having holy Communion, in remembrance of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, for our victory, wholeness, cleansing, and authority over all forces of darkness, will feed the Spirit of the believer and has a powerful spiritual impact on the believer’s life.
It is indeed a mystery. The life is in the blood. The life of Jesus is in His blood. When we partake in this Holy meal, we associate ourselves with His life and His sacrifice and we celebrate His life in us, who has through faith in Him, received the gift of His grace.Believers are encouraged to take this regularly, even when you are on your own, even daily. We are to abide in Him and Him in us, daily.

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