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Annexure : Jakob Lorber

Doctrine and religious practice, exposing them further as false prophets

Jer 5:31
"The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so; and what will ye do in the end thereof?" (KJV)

"The most dangerous characteristic of false prophets is that they claim to be from God and to speak for Him. Such leaders nearly always appear pleasant and positive. They like to be with Christians, and they know how to talk and act like believers. False prophets usually exude sincerity and thereby more easily deceive others (see 2Tim 3:13). But you can identify false teachers' true colors by noting what they do not talk much about. They usually don't deny basic doctrines such as Christ's deity and substitutuonary atonement, the sinfullness of humanity, or unbelievers' going to hell. They simply ignore such "controversial" truths. But whenever a false prophet is in your midst, you must not ignore his presence or the harmful effects of his heretical teachings. (From Truth for Today by John MacArthur).

"The problem is that we often seek the God we want, but do not know the God who is" (From Walking with Christ in the Details of Life by Patrick Morley).

Even though these prophets does quote some scriptures from time to time it should be noted that Yanking Scriptures out of context is one of the first marks of false teaching.
Truth could not be truth in this world if it were not a warring thing, and we should at once suspect that it were not true if error were friends with it.  The spotless purity of truth must always be at war with the blackness of heresy and lies.’  C.H. Spurgeon

Jakob Lorber:
Some of the doctrines and religious practices that Jakob Lorber introduced that is directly contrary to scripture is
1 A different message of salvation and spiritual rebirth: In chapter 10:17 of the first book of the ''Great Gospel of John'', Lorber explains the gospel of salvation as three steps. Firstly a person needs to master his flesh. Secondly he needs to purify his soul through works of love. Thirdly a person's spirit needs to be awakened from the grave of judgment. These three steps are described as the process of rebirth. In chapter 18:8 the Lord is described to explain to Nicodemus that to be born of water means to be born of humility, and only then by the Spirit of Truth, which is described to be impossible to be received by an impure spirit. This is how entry to the Kingdom of God is described to be made possible. This differs from the biblical message of salvation, as salvation is available to "whosoever believes" in Jesus, no matter how sinful their past, all because of the love and kindness of God. Ephesians 2:8 "For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God" KJV. Paul speaks a curse over anybody that preaches another gospel (Gal 1:8,9)

In chapter 62 of the first book of the ''Great Gospel of John'', the mission of Jesus on Earth is described as to invite those from darkness to the Kingdom of love (via his message of love). Verse 9 describes that up to date, not one soul could, when she left her body, lose herself from the earth and that countless suffer in the night of the earth. It is described that when Jesus ascends to heaven he would open the heavens and in exactly the same way every person would enter eternal life. It is described that this is the task of universal reconciliation which the Messiah has to accomplish and absolutely nothing else. Jesus came to Earth, according to Lorber's writings, to bring people to the right path, through friendly and loving teaching. ("Great gospel of John V11 188:11). The 'Great Gospel' does not place emphasis on the crucifixion of Christ, nor on the blood of Jesus for the atonement of sin, but emphasizes only the teaching of love and it's adherence by followers as means to salvation. See also Heb 9:13-14 and Acts 2:33. For more about the Paul's Gospel, the gospel of salvation from a Christian perspective, see Paul's Gospel

Throughout the writings, love as a performance works requirement is preached by Lorber, not love as a fruit. (Gal5:22)

2. The Trinity: Lorber does not reveal Jesus as one of three in a holy Trinity. In chapter 197 of the seventh book of the ''Great Gospel of John'' it is described that within his being is two aspects. The one is love and the other is the outpouring of a flame of life. These two is then considered one. Jesus alone is considered God ([Monophysitism). And Jesus is considered to be the Father. This explanation is unscriptural. For more about the Trinity in the bible, refer to: Is the Trinity in the Bible? and for more about how Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit, all share the same throne as One, see "How to Experience the Glory of God, fountain, river, radiance, shekinah glory! by Barry Hall""

Lorber’s explanation of the Trinity is totally unscriptural based on John 15:26: “But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, which proceedeth from the Father, he shall testify of me” (KJV) The Holy Spirit is the Comforter. He comes from Jesus to those He chose to send Him to. He is the Spirit of Truth. He testifies of Jesus. Jesus is not the Father.

Lorber’s explanation of Jesus also does not correspond to the description provided in Hebrews 1 in the bible.

3. Baptism: In chapter 23:6 of the first book of the ''Great Gospel of John'', it is explained that only one thing is necessary, and that is to adhere to the teaching of Jesus. Baptism is described as a type of washing, that has some benefits and it is described that after Jesus’ teaching many went to be baptized by John. Repentance is not a requirement for this type of baptism as is indicated in the Acts church in the biblical account of baptism. For a more detailed discussion on biblical baptism refer to: What Does the Bible Say About Baptism? - AN OUTLINE OF BIBLICAL BAPTISM,

4. Fear of God In chapter 59 of the first book of the ''Great Gospel of John'', it is described how Jesus corrects a God-fearing man, by telling him it is not right for him to have fear of God, as the only thing God wants is love. In chapter 58 of the second book of the ''Great Gospel of John'' verse 3, the angel explains that one should speak to God as if He was one's equal. None of the benefits of fear of God as mentioned in scriptures are mentioned in the 'Great Gospel'. For more about fear of God from a biblical perspective see The True Fear of God,

5. A different type of holy communion: In chapter 63 of the first book of the ''Great Gospel of John'', it is described how Jesus gave his followers heavenly wine which helped them to love more. It was a special kind of wine, which only increased the amount of love of those who already had love, but which could not produce love where there was none to start with. Christian communion which are mentioned 43 times in the New Testament Communion are replaced by this special type of wine in the 'Great Gospel' of John. For more about holy communion in the bible refer to: Holy Communion in the Bible,

6. Love more important than truth In chapter 70 of the first book of the ''Great Gospel of John'', it is preached that judgment can never be out of love, and how where there is no love there can be no truth either. The reader is assured that as long as he holds on to love, he will find truth everywhere. Opponent of neo-evangelism, Dr. John C. Whitcomb, Jr, points out that there is no teaching whatsoever in the New Testament suggesting that love is more important than doctrine or Truth, in his document "when love divorces doctrine and unity rejects truth" For more about absolute truth see Does Absolute Truth Exist? | Christian Faith Site, 1 Tim 2:7 "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind"

7. The Law (Old Covenant) In chapter 26 of the second book of the ''Great Gospel of John'', it is elaborated how the law of Moses is to be kept. There is no differentiation made in Lorber's writings between an Old Covenant and a New Covenant.

Some scriptures that highlights discrepancies:
John 1:16,17 "And of his fullness have we received, and grace for grace. For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ"
Ephesians 5:18 "But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law"
Rom 8:2 "For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the l aw of sin and death.
Gal 3:24 "Whereas the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith. But after that faith is come, we are no longer under a schoolmaster."

8. A different love In chapter 77 verse 5 of the second book of the ''Great Gospel of John'', the appropriate measures of love are explained. Six measures to self. Sixty to ones neighbor and six hundred to God. Mat 22:39 however instructs believers to love their neighbor neither more nor less than we love ourselves.

9 Unbiblical food and sex teachings In the ''Great Gospel of John'', book three chapter 215 verse 2 , it is explained how sex should never be engaged in for the pleasant feelings associated with it, but always only to produce an offspring. In chapter 242 of the first book (verse 10 and 13) of the ''Great Gospel of John'', it is preached that certain food should be avoided to the benefit of the spiritual development of the soul. Such foods include unripe fruits, potatoes and coffee. It is explained how souls may be "trapped" in these foods which are unfit for consumption by those wanting to further their spiritual progress towards rebirth. The apostle Paul warned against this type of teachings in 1 Tim 4:3, cautioning about doctrines of demons that will teach people to abstain from marriage and food which God made good and to be received with thanksgiving. Paul also encourages Christian married couples not to keep their bodies sexually away from one another (1Cor7:3,4). God made sexual intimacy between husband and wife holy and beautiful, but Lorber's Jesus makes it out to be dirty, sinful and improper.

10. Reincarnation In Lorber's book, Earth and Moon in chapter 94, the conclusion of the book describes how the earth should be seen not as a material place but as a spiritual place. The earth is described as a "mother" body where souls need to become ripe in order to be birthed out of her. According to Lorber people are "saved" from their captivity in the material world through numerous reincarnation lives and the role of the earth in ripening souls are emphasized in this book. Reincarnation is essentially an ancient Hinduism belief. (see first section of this document defining Hinduism).
Lorber even distorts the word "eternity" to become "eternities" (meaning eons of ages) and hereby introduces Hinduism reincarnation teachings to the readers.

11. Racism. Lorber's work suggests that different races are in different stages of spiritual development and some are more "developed" than others. In Scripture however there is no racism in the New Covenant. In Galatians 3:27,28 Paul states. "For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female; for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

12 The end time doctrines of Jakob Lorber contains a lot of predictions about judgments and catastrophes that are to happen to the earth. More about this can be read in Jakob Lorber on Ecological Disasters judgment day Earth Changes Gods final judgment forest fires,

To compare Lorber's end time doctrines with what is considered main stream Christianity is no easy task.
*Some Christians interpret the predictions of disasters to come in Matthew 24 from a physical, but historical perspective, and see it to have already physically gone into fulfillment. (See The Historical Fulfillment of Matthew Chapter 24

*Some Christians interpret the predictions of Matthew 24 as something physical, mostly still to happen. ( See Heeding Bible Prophecy: New Scripture,

*Some Christians interpret Matthew 24 only from a spiritual, not literal perspective. (See Shamah-elim,

*And some interpret it on all 3 levels simultaneously

However the interpretation from a Christian perspective may be, the biblical type of judgment was always there in order to establish righteousness/ justice, which is again associated with the throne of God, where the glory of God is revealed.

Psalm 89:14 “Justice and judgment are the habitation of thy throne: mercy and truth shall go before thy face. (KJV)” (also translated as righteousness and judgment being the habitation of His throne). The throne of God, his habitation, which is where His glory is revealed, is thus associated with judgment that needs to come, as things needs to be pulled into righteous alignment with His holy nature before He can make His dwelling. It is concluded thus that the type of gloom and doom predicted as judgment for the purpose of helping souls to "ripen" up in their reincarnation journey towards spiritual rebirth (as Lorber's teaching goes), is not a biblical kind of judgment.

That God wants to judge unrighteousness is clear from scripture, but it is in order for righteousness to be established, so that the earth can be full of the knowledge of the glory of the Lord and then also with the glory of the Lord (Numbers 14: 22). The glory of God is the essence of who He is, His kindness, mercy, love and compassion, but also His holiness and other attributes.

From a Christian perspective, the glory of the Lord is described by PCA Historical Center , as : "...But, above all, is the glory of God displayed in the work of REDEMPTION; in that great plan of love and mercy by a Redeemer, which was first revealed to the parents of our race immediately after the fall; which was more and more unfolded in the ceremonial economy; and which reached its meridian brightness, when the Savior, the blessed "Sun of Righteousness" rose upon a dark world. In this wonderful plan of salvation, the glory of God shines with its brightest lustre." (For more about the glory of God see PCA Historical Center: "The Earth Filled with the Glory of the Lord," by Samuel Miller (1769 - 1850)]), Where a different plan of salvation is preached, disconnected from the cross of Jesus Christ, the redemptive plan of God, then the glory of the Lord is not revealed. All that Lorber, as a false prophet is doing, is pronouncing demonic curses over the earth, to further the cause of Satan. Lorber supporters seems to be impressed with what they see as some "scientific" projections that was made, but that proves nothing about the purity of the source.

13. Repentance, confession, faith and humility. Repentance are not preached in a biblical sense by Lorber, but rather a continuous striving towards self improvement. Confession of the promises and principles of God by faith, in the Spirit, to establish the Word of God on earth is not preached, but rather a victim mentality of accepting one’s lot and seeing all suffering as a benefit to help ripen your soul towards rebirth. Humility in the biblical sense, of submitting to the Word of God as revealed in the Scriptures, bowing the knee to Him even when He is not understood are not preached, but rather a "cherry picking" religion where people can for themselves decide what is truth and what is not, creating their own mental constructs about God and pridefully (see the irony) upholding a wormlike distorted concept of humility, which they believe would further their quest towards salvation. (See Reformation Theology: Eros Spirituality Vs. Agape Faith by David F. Wells,

14. Judgment. Elsewhere in this document the difference between soulish, carnal judgments (which the bible indicates we should not do) and spiritual judgments in the Spirit (which the bible indicates to be essential for believers to do) are discussed. As Lorber believers do not preach the resurrected Christ in the believer and redemption by the blood of Jesus, neither the true baptism with the Holy Spirit, they can not walk in the Spirit as the bible asks of believers, and can thus not make judgments in the Spirit as long as they hold on to these distorted doctrines. They project themselves to be very pious in "respecting" all religious beliefs and not judging unrighteousness, in the name of "love", yet judgments in the Spirit from a true heart of compassion in order for righteousness to be established is how holy biblical love is expressed. Because these New Revelations distorts truth to something relative and subjective and because the eternal consequences of our lives on earth as preached in the bible are changed in its meaning, the Lorber supporter are prone to sit back and wave a hand of peace to all unrighteousness, feeling very pious and self-righteous in the process. Lorber changed the meaning of eternity, to mean "eternities", implying eons of ages and not for ever and emphasize how somebody that has love will always find truth, to work this effect on his readers.

Note: The New Age "mindset" about judgment is that no person should judge anything or anyone about anything, and we should all focus on our own inner journey, harmony and peace with all other people and religions in the name of "love". This is an ungodly mindset, and totally contrary to the principles of holiness, whereby we are called as believers to live separated unto God, and it also indicates a lack of hate for unrighteousness and lack of zeal for righteousness, which true love of God requires. However, the legalistic "mindset" of judging and executing everything and everyone that does not agree with you and your agendas, whether doing it physically or persecuting those psychologically, is also not a godly concept. In the Spirit of Christ, which is love, we are to judge as He directs, not to promote our own ideas, but for His purposes and for the praise of His name, in selfless love, often costing us dearly. Ironically however, how "New Age" a cult group may have become, their distorted concept of love are often still intertwined with harsh legalism, which is indeed a contrary ideology, but mostly unnoticed to those involved. Harsh racist fingers may be pointed to innocent blacks or Jews for example, by the same hand that waves peace to the Muslim oppressor, in the name of "love”. Judgments towards those who go against their cult are often cruel and merciless. As the Spirit of God is grieved by the occult roots and unrighteousness within these groups, it is also understandable that they can not operate from the true Spirit of love, and only strive to produce outward charities for the selfish purpose of advancing their own spiritual progress, but lacking true love that comes from the Spirit first and from the heart. Love is a fruit, and sadly, how much these groups may talk about love and works of love, and sweat to produce outward charities of some form, this can not create within them the fruit of true Christ-like love.

15. Power and spiritual authority. Because of the distortion in doctrine, and the blood of Jesus trampled on by Lorber believers, no power and spiritual authority is found among them. Those who later progress deeper into the occult may end up operating from demonic powers, but Lorber doesn't preach occult practices in that sense. Biblical verses like Mark 16:15-18 are conveniently discredited from the bible, as they are not their reality. "He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; they shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover."

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Mystics advocating that scripture is better understood through their work
It is common for neo-revelationists to underline that scripture is better interpreted through their writings and to assure people that their ability to embrace the new teachings without opposition is proof of their purity and high level of spiritual development and love. This is considered evil manipulative mind-control to keep people away from seeking truth and testing the revelation against Scripture.

Lorber and Swedenborg fails all tests

Lorber and Swedenborg fails all tests when their fundamental doctrines are compared against Scripture as illustrated in previous points.

The Jesus of Jakob Lorber and Swedenborg is not the biblical Jesus. This Jesus does not give offence like the biblical Jesus (1Peter 2:8), his love is not holy, his gospel is not grace and truth (John 1:16,17) and he does not bring freedom and life but bondage to his followers. (John 10:10).

Jakob Lorber is a classic demonstration of what 2 Tim 4:3,4 warned about
"For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables."
And fables Lorber do produce a lot of. From strange animals and plants on Saturn, to people from other planets born on earth recalling their strange formal lives, elves on the moon, babies on the son, and many strange happenings during Jesus’ journey and childhood on earth are colorfully told to the reader to fascinate and draw away from truth into a demonic occult web. He also introduces many foreign "scientific" concepts, such as how people need regular encounters with flies as a vital part of life. But overall Lorber teaches escapism, rather than how to overcome in this life by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ. Lorber represents a total demonic lie, and distorts the message of the cross to a foolish "works program" towards deserving one's salvation rather than thankfully receiving grace through faith and living from a relationship with the living Christ.

Mind-control and phenonina in Neo-revelationist cult groups

There are many kinds of cult groups, but in this document are more specifically referred to groups where there is a prominent prophet who hears from God on their behalf. As for these German mystics, like Lorber and Swedenborg, their supporters do not stay together geographically or necessarily come together for fellowship, but they still share much of the same world-view as influenced by the "prophet's" writings. Some groups are much more extreme than the movement started by the German mystics mentioned in this document, especially where it is suggested to members to give away or sell their possessions and then to move in together in a cult community, as it gets explained to them how short the time is before some coming catastrophe or how good it would be for their spiritual development.

Mind control is always evident in all these groups and the focus always gets shifted to pay more attention to the revealed revelations than to the Scripture. Lorber's writings consisted of close to 10,000 pages, according to "astrology week". (Jakob Lorber biography, picture, books, astrology natal chart which is an overwhelming amount of new material for a new Lorber convert to start reading.

It often gets explained to the new convert by other Lorber followers, that even though the Scriptures (Old and New Testament) are also from God, and the New Revelation forms the 3rd part of the new trio Bible, it is more important to study the words that are directly spoken by Jesus. Jesus Himself, after all is the living Word. As Paul's words and other prophets and apostles in the bible's words are mere men's word, even though considered "bible", the most can be taught when Jesus's direct words are read. As doubt are being placed on the accuracy of translations in scripture, due to what is considered the plot of what is considered the evil catholic church, it is subtly "hinted" that the New Revelation will get preference with the reader. Working through 10,000 pages, such as produced by Lorber, some of high mystical content and not an easy read, how will a reader find time to read the bible still, especially among a full program of charitable "love" work engaged in (in order to work about his own salvation)? The point is he often wouldn't. And a total new Gnostic mind-set get's introduced, in the name of a "so called" Jesus, in the form of a "so called" love doctrine and with a reader cleverly beguiled to think this is all the same bible.

In these groups, the ones that accepts the New Revelation without protest, questions, or skepticism, are considered the more "pure", "ripe", and "spiritual" people, whereby those who rejects or even just question the content of the New Revelation in a way suggesting it may be not of God, is seen as troublemakers, pride, impure and contaminated with the old stream of "church" mentality that had been deposited in them. Readers or members are encouraged to receive the "New Revelation" as on a blank page, in humility. Then it will be clear to all, that this is indeed a worthy follower, pure enough to hear the voice of the Shepherd and it will mean that they adhere to the first commandment to love Jesus above all. So, the reader, eager to love Jesus and lay down his/her life for Him, get's deeper into the trap, rested assured that it is the same Jesus speaking, for indeed the people of the group does acknowledge the Scriptures as from God. Besides, it gets emphasized that Lorber was such an eager bible reader before he received the "inner voice", and the idea gets deposited that surely he (Lorber), with such an impressive knowledge of Scripture, would have picked up if the "inner voice" was lying to him.

Lorber teaches, and his followers embrace this concept, that the more love a person has, the more he will find truth, so all that really matters is love. And Lorber proceeds to "define" love, by the works that ones must do. This is totally contradictory to the message of the New Testament, but is in alignment with Gnostic thinking.

Regardless of whether the group stay together or not, some commonalities that mostly are associated with extreme forms of mind control is

1. Long working hours and inadequate rest. People are made to feel that they are supposed to work very long hours daily, in order to keep them from becoming still and paying attention to the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit inside. Ways are sometimes even devised to discourage people from a good nights sleep, such as telling them to sit up while sleeping (like suggested by Lorber). A tired mind are more receptacle to mind control.

2. Followers are taught how sickness and pain are beneficial to their salvation. With this and many other Lorber teachings, a reader does not feel treasured and loved by God, but is forever trying to measure up. Rather that receiving understanding of how deeply they are loved of God, and being taught how to receive this love and drink from it, so they can give it away to others, they are made to feel unworthy wormlike sinners, who are believed to be prideful when they think of themselves in any other way. Subconsciously the idea is created that they only matter because of what they can do for others and what they can do for God, and in this all, they fail to understand the true Father heart of God. How they can do works of love for others, and strive towards purer lives, by the prophet’s definition, is what makes them have a sense of worth. Their “love” teaching, in it’s essence, is selfish and self-centered at it’s roots. (Refer to section about Eros vs Agape spirituality in this document)

3. Sometimes members are also discouraged from worshipping God, assuring them that God is not interested in that.

4. A feeling of "superiority" or ecsclusivity among members are cultivated through various teachings, which may include racist teachings. They believe they see "more" than other groups and are far more "enlightened".

5. Discouragement of free thinking: People who speaks against the leader of prophet or who asks uncomfortable questions are almost always persecuted, even though sometimes only emotionally not physically. (They will be pointed at for example as prideful, or not pure and loving enough to embrace the truth of the teachings without resistance and will often be pushed away by other followers for fear of "contamination").

6. A form of love and works of love are preached, but true compassion and care are usually lacking.

7. Purification of the soul are preached as an important work towards achieving salvation or "rebirth", and the methods of purification are normally "prescribed" by the prophet, such as the restriction of sex, food, and the discouragement of woman to dress fashionably and to wear make-up.

8. Finances: In addition, people in cult groups are always motivated to give all their finances away in a grossly irresponsible way, or as much as possible, in order to impoverish them, rather than to teach wise stewardship of money and how to be lead by the Holy Spirit in everything one does.

9. Mediator Cults are always marked by people who thinks they need a mediator to hear from God, some prophet or some church leader, and they do not understand that the blood of Jesus Christ opened up the veil so we can enter into the presence of the Father and walk with Him daily (Heb 10:19,20). In some groups there are more than one that claim they can hear the 'inner voice', who are then placed on some kind of platform.

10. Coming disasters or some kind of coming persecution are emphasized. It makes the person feel that they will be safer and more prepared to stay with the group, or "prophet", because of the "higher knowledge" that becomes available through this person.

Often a cult group, like described above, started off as pure Christian, but got deceived and fell away from grace along the way. They then start yielding to these new revelations which one of the members start to receive. Often time it is a group that at one time actually did discover some "special" truth, which may indeed be true, like for example the true name of Jesus as Yeshua, or the truth behind Christmas day, or special knowledge of how to interpret dreams, or improper tampering with newer translations of the bible, or deep spiritual understanding about some other aspect of life, that made them to see themselves as separate and better than other believers, and so pride opened the way for deception to enter in.

Association among groups

Some Lorber supporters may disconnects themselves from Swedenborgianism, thinking the roots to be different, but this makes no sense, as Lorber's "Jesus" clearly states his approval of Swedenborg and confirms that his writings was from the same source.

Some Swedenborgianists may disconnect themselves from Leopold Engel and his involvement with the Illuminati, thinking the roots to be different, but this makes no sense either, because the Rite of Swedenborg (Freemasonry), which Engel was associated with, was named after Swedenborg and consisted mainly out of members from his church.

Some Lorber readers disconnect themselves from Leopold Engel and his occult involvement, but that also holds no water, for Lorber connected himself to Swedenborg through the things the "Jesus" who spoke through him said about Swedenborg, (who again is connected with Boehme, an acknowledged occultist), and Swedenborg was deeply involved with Freemasonry just like Engel.

If closely examined the link between all these neo-revelationists, whether Swedenborg, Lorber, Dudde, Boehme or whether some neo-revelationist on some farm where a cult group stays together in a community, becomes evident. The demonic spirits that whisper these "other gospels" are never the True Jesus Christ and therefore it always has the same evil characteristics and patterns, even though some groups can be more extreme than others. They will always bind people and blind people, whilst claiming to bring them "superior" light and impressing them with fables and so called "higher knowledge".

Lorber’s Epistle to the Laodiceans exposes him further as a false prophet
Lorber claimed to have heard by the inner voice, the "lost" letter Paul wrote to the assembly of the Laodiceans, as referred to in Colossians 4:16.

This letter is available for inspection by the reader at:

The first four verses are included here:
1.  Paul, an Apostle of Jesus Christ, through the Will of God, and the race of God and Timothy our Brother. 2. The holy assembly of Laodicea and all the faithful brothers in it, and the wise in the Spirit of God: Grace be with you and the true peace from God, our Father, in the Lord Jesus Christ. 3.  We thank, extol, and praise God at all times, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and bear much concern for you; and we pray at all times for you to God. 4.  We have come into the knowledge through the Spirit of the Lord, and through our Brother Epaphras and through Nymphas, that you have been backsliding in several things.

What is believed to be a manuscript of what Paul wrote (still kept in the British museum), exist today and is available for inspection by the reader at website of "the reluctant messenger":

The first 4 verses are copied and inserted here.
1. Paul an Apostle, not of men, neither by man, but by Jesus Christ, to the brethren which are at Laodicea. 2. Grace be to you, and peace, from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. 3. I thank Christ in every prayer of mine, that you may continue and persevere in good works, looking for that which is promised in the day of judgment. 4. Do not be troubled by the vain speeches of anyone who perverts the truth, that they may draw you aside from the truth of the Gospel which I have preached.

The two letters are clearly totally different, confirming Jakob Lorber once again as a false prophet. His version the letter to the church is aimed at causing further divide between Lorber supporters and the rest of the body of Christ, and is not the true letter to the church of Laodicea. Many people get hurt in churches. We know there are still many shortcomings and weaknesses within organized religion and it's structures the way it is now. But Lorber finds a connection here, a subtle bonding with the person that wants to disconnect from what he considers to be "church". A place of belonging is found in such a reader with Lorber, who received by the "inner voice" this lost one of Paul's letter, where he harshly criticising the structure of organised religion and it's temple buildings in his letter. The reader is made to believe that it was because of the huge upset this letter caused, that it was made to get "lost". None of this is true however per any of the documented sources investigated.

Even though organized religion, the way it operates largely at present, is not truly filled with the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, God invites us to join Him in His greater plan of restoration, not to maintain a position of offence. Offense and pride cultivates the ground for deception to enter in, as it hardens the heart towards the Spirit of the living God. When carefully examined, one will find that slowly but surely among these mystic supporters a “us” and “them” mentality are created. Ironically the people from Eastern Religions are respected for their religious beliefs and trusted unto God to bring them to salvation through the avenues set for their spiritual development, but the rest of the body of Christ are seen as opponents, wicked Pharisees, disillusioned fools, who cling so hard to their bibles without allowing themselves to come to what is perceived by them to be “true enlightenment”. Their “judge not” philosophy thus applies mainly to Muslim, Eastern religions and Atheists, but not really to the body of Christ, yet this double mindedness are rarely noticed and conveniently dismissed. Refer also to other discussions about judgment and the way God requires of a believer to judge, in this same document.

Lorber points out, that God respects people’s free choices. God gave the earth for us (mankind) to rule on, and unless we make a habitation for Him to dwell, through alignment with the mind of Christ, leading to true righteousness, the body of Christ, God’s answer to the world, will stay in bondage themselves.

Even though the bible encourage biblical prophecy (1 Cor 14:1) and commands readers not to despise prophecy (1Thes 5:20), we are told in context with this not to quench the Spirit (1Thes5:19), to test all things (1Thes5:21) and to abstain from every form of evil (1Thes 5:22). Although prophecies should not be despised, and should always be tested, it also can never replace a personal relationship that the Lord Jesus Christ wants to have with his followers. Jesus alone is our mediator to the Father, and the Holy Spirit was sent to teach believers all truth according to scripture. It is true that Jesus speaks today still, and it is true that He is the Living Word, but He will never reveal Himself contrary to the Scripture, and when we lose the solid ground the bible brings, we are lured towards a shaky mystical world full of relatives and packed with lies.

Due to the different gospel preached by Christian mystics and neo-revelationists, when tested against Scripture, it has to be rejected as demonic and evil, even if the message preached has an appearance of love.

It is indeed sad how many Christians are deceived today, swept into the wave of this “New Emerging Church” Gnostic movement, which is, as disclosed in this document, nothing other than Satan himself disguised as an angel of light.

The Apostle Paul said in Galatians 1:8,9 that if anybody preaches any other gospel than the gospel he brought to the church, let him be accursed. He repeats this twice to underline the importance. Even when a message from an angel of light is preached, bringing "another" gospel, Christians are required to depart from it. It is only the blood of Jesus Christ that can bring atonement for sin. The author is not dismissing that valid supernatural encounters happens. They surely do. When an angel from heaven for example brings a message in accordance with the gospel of Paul, it may be received with thanksgiving, but always everything should continuously be tested against Scripture. (See example of such angelic visitation in: You Are Covered (Atonement)

In this document it was disclosed how Christian mystics relates closely to Freemasonry and also to the Illuminati and how their work falls into place with the 21 goals of the Illuminati. Also in this document, the evil and unbiblical foundations in religious practice and doctrines preached by Jakob Lorber, Swedenborg and other "New Revelation" prophets were disclosed, proving how it can safely be concluded that they are dangerous false prophets that speaks from an occult spirit of divination and not from the Holy Spirit.

It is the will of the Lord Jesus Christ that the truth will set people free (John 8:31). To His name and His name alone, be all glory and honor and praise!

Daniel 12:1-3 "And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firnament; and they shall turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever"

"Man, after the fall, definitely lost the government of this planet, but Jesus came to restore that which was lost. And the sons of God will again have authority. Christ will govern together with his chosen ones" Ana Mendez Farrell (Seated in Heavenly Places: the depths within the invisible Kingdom of God, E & A International publisher. ISBN 1-933163-07-0, 4th print).

Our Savior kneels down and gazes upon the darkest acts of our lives. But rather than recoil in horror, he reaches out in kindness and says, "I can clean that if you want". - Max Lucado (Just Like Jesus).

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  1. Your title " The truth about.." tells it all. You are trying to prove what fits your reason, perhaps out of fear that your Paulinic belief would change ground a bit.
    Why don`t you mention there are superb revelations about the nature, the source and properties of evil in Lorbers texts. There are warnings about all subtle doors for demon possesions, how to avoid and how to help.
    There is also everything about false prophets and how to recognise them...
    Please everyone,.. read these parts of Lorber with sober mind and estimate Who is giving you this knowledge by what intension.
    Greg, Slovenia