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Plan of the Illuminati : Role of the mystics

Quotes extracted from “The three pillars of Freemasonry & the devil”

Highly honored Freemason, Albert Pike writes:

"All the truly dogmatic religions have issued from the Kabbalah and return to it: everything scientific and grand in the religious dreams of the Illuminati, Jacob Boehme, Swedenborg, Saint-Martin and others, is borrowed from Kabbalah, all the Masonic associations owe to it their secrets and their symbols." (Sovereign Grand Commander of Freemasonry, Albert Pike 33, "Morals and Dogma", p.744)

A different unbiblical message brought
A message based on mysticism are brought, which are not biblical. See Annexure A Doctrine and religious practice, exposing them further as false prophets.

Swedenborg follows Jacob Boehme (also spelled Jakob Boehme by some)
Please refer to additional information about Theosophy as per Appendix
The Swedenborg scientific association describes the relationship between Boehme and Swedenborg as follows: “It is certain that Jakob Boehme's revelation was incomparably more profound than Swedenborg's but he was unable to express himself scientifically, as was necessary in writing for students. Therefore God brought Swedenborg on the scene….. Jakob Boehme saw into the inmost of Being, which follows from the first source of the seven spirits, and is an explanation of Ezekiel, Chapters 1 and 10. But Swedenborg's concern was not with Necessity and Being, but with that which God arbitrarily provides, alongside what is Necessary, in the invisible world…. Swedenborg's system of earthly philosophy (pp. 1-14) together with a comparison of this philosophy with that of Jakob Boehme (pp. 14-25), followed by the heavenly philosophy of Emanuel Swedenborg (pp. 26 ff.)… in this second part the agreement of Swedenborg's view of this world and the world above with the discoveries of earlier and contemporary investigators is proved, and the bringing up to date and development of the old biblical universally accepted truths is explained in detail. Again it is primarily Jakob Boehme with whom Swedenborg is linked.”
Boehme was an occultist openly involved with various occult activities, such as Tarot card reading Boehme was also influenced by the Kabbalah teachings.

Swedenborg and Freemasonry
Freemasonry is a non-Christian occult religion.
According to the Wikipedia the Rite of Swedenborg is described as follows:
The Swedenborg Rite or Rite of Swedenborg was a fraternal order modeled on Freemasonry and based upon the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg. It comprised six Degrees: Apprentice, Fellow Craft, Master Neophyte, Illuminated Theosophite, Blue Brother, and Red Brother.
The Rite of Swedenborg, (a Freemason organization) was named after Emanuel Swedenborg, "Christian mystic" from the 17th century. Howe and Moller exposes in their document "Irregular Freemasonry in Germany, 1900-23 " how occultist and Gnostic Bishop Theodor Reuss and occultist Leopold Engel was involved with the Rite of Swedenborg, many years after Swedenborg died. Reuss and Engel worked together to revive the Illuminati in Germany.

This is confirmed as per "Freemasonry: Midwife to an Occult Empire": "Doctor (Albert Karl) Theodor Reuss (1855 - 1923) joined Masonry in 1876. Reuss was a tantric occultist and utopian socialist. William Wynn Westcott, in 1901, provided a charter to Reuss for the Swedenborgian Rite of Masonry. Westcott also provided authorization for Reuss to found a High Council in Germania of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia. Theodor Reuss, also in 1901, was designated Special Inspector for the Martinist Order in Germany, by Gérard Encausse. [source: The Invisible Basilica: Theodor Reuss]

Reuss is most famous as the Outer Head of the Ordo Templi Orientis. The O.T.O. is a revival of the Order of the Illuminati with practical magical rituals and initiations. Ordo Templi Orientis is still in existence today, and has thrived in recent years as its members have embraced the internet."

Reuss was also friend of Helena Blavatsky (1831-1891) , who is considered the mother of New Age Socialism and modern occult socialism.

The roots of Freemasonry is intrinsically evil and it's association with the occult and the illuminati is described by David Carrico in the document "Freemasonry & the 20th Century Occult Revival"

The link between Swedenborg and the Freemasons are undeniable. Document “Tarot, Carl Jung, Swedenborg, Blake & Freemasons” states:

"There are undeniable links between the reading of Swedenborg and radical activity, cantered on a branch of radical Freemasons who operated internationally, but gathered in London...."
 "An occult tradition of seeking spiritual illumination thrived in the seventeenth century but had since gone underground, marginalised by the progress of rationalist and empiricist modes of thinking, and was preserved most fully and systematically in clandestine Freemasonry."
"At the inception of Swedenborgianism into the European network of 'irregular” Masonry, it blended in with the mainstays of Hermeticism, Cabalism, Rosicrucianism, Spiritualism, Astrology etc. Many lodges and Masonic societies welcomed Swedenborg’s teaching. His central idea of 'Correspondences,' which linked all things material to a spiritual source was used to back up notions of unusual rapport with other realities.... For many, Swedenborgianism became an umbrella philosophy under which other occult ideas could be given a collective rationale – even if these were only remotely related to Swedenborg’s doctrines."
"Both the Theosophical Society and Duché’s gatherings were 'open' meetings in the sense that the Masons here mixed with tradesmen, artisans and other local Londoners...."
 "With the exclusion of the radical Masons, the New Church was clearly seeking to weed out its earlier... revolutionary associations.... In addition to this, a petition was prepared to Parliament for 'religious toleration'....
 "The reception of Swedenborg’s occultist writings was... an active forum for theo-political debate. Blake noted in the annotations to Swedenborg’s Divine Love and Wisdom, 'The Whole of the New Church is in the Active Life'."

Lorber follows Swedenborg

Emanuel Swedenborg was followed by Jakob Lorber who mentions Emanuel Swedenborg in his visionary writings by the 'inner voice' as a true prophet of God through whom the same spirit spoke which was speaking through him also. Swedenborg was upheld by the so called Jesus that spoke through Jakob Lorber as a co-worker in distributing his new teaching (The Spiritual Son, Book 2 chapter 65 verse 13) ., and it is explained how the "New Jerusalem" came down out of the sphere of Swedenborg (The Spiritual Son, Book 1 chapter 16 verse 15), which is described as the sphere of the prophet Daniel from the old testament in chapter 15.

Lorber further explains in his book "From hell to heaven", book 1, chapter 32, how one would understand how to interpret the work of the apostle Paul, by studying the work of Swedenborg.

In his book, From hell to heaven: Book 2, chapter 104 verse 4, the "Jesus" that spoke through Lorber explains how wise Swedenborg were and how it was this same Jesus who revealed the Word unto Swedenborg.

It can thus be concluded by those that perceives the 'inner voices' received as supernatural, that the same influence that spoke through Swedenborg by the 'inner voice', also spoke through Jakob Lorber and that it was occult in nature in both instances.

Leopold Engel and Gottfried Mayerhofer follows Lorber

Leopold Engel was the author for the 11th book of the series started by Jakob Lorber "The Great Gospel of John". Engel however was also a prominent member of Verband Deutscher Okkultisten (League of German Occultists) and he was also a key player in the revival of the Illuminati
Engel ends the "Great Revelation of John" book 11 with a closing statement that at one point all the world would become one and will be joined in peace and that the spiritual meaning of his visit to earth will be fully unveiled. This closing statement can be linked very well with the goals of the Illuminati of which he was involved with, but not with the Jesus of scripture.

Mat 10:34 "Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword. For I have come to 'set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law..."


  1. This is totally confused and a devilish post as the devil loves confusing good with evil so no one can tell the difference such as here Sweden borg says explicitly after he abandoned his worldly career that he only took influx from the lord himself or the horses mouth to say he was the amuensis of mystical men is a libel