Friday, 19 February 2010

Plan of the Illuminati : To introduce "New Revelations" as a third component of the bible

To explain the "New Revelations" as to be seen as a third component of the bible following the Old and the New Testament and so to propose a "New Bible"

Lichtkreis Christi , a supporter of neo-revelationism (such as Lorber's work) explains that "there are instruments of God the Lord through whom, according to the degree of the instrument’s maturity, He gives divine advice, directives and prophetic information. The degree to which the instrument is able to give a faithful rendering depends on how pure he or she has become. But each and every one of us has the ability, by praying and directing our questions to our Heavenly Father, to determine the truth of every word and whether or not it is relevant to our own lives. Because only our Heavenly Father can reveal to us whether what we read or hear really stems from Him or not. But one shouldn’t be tempted to give up when the first doubts arise. Because it is only natural that all of the negative aspects inherent in a person - we call them the “counterpole” aspects - will try to maintain the status quo and, so to speak, not let go of a person, suggesting a host of doubts in an effort to divert him or her from the words or the higher truth they have heard."

No longer are revelations presented tested against Scripture, as required of new testament believers (2 Tim 3:16), but the neo-revelationists now move towards testing truth against what he feels inside, and so true Christianity makes room for Gnosticism to enter. Those rejecting the deception are labeled by the Gnostic mystics as "not worthy" or an "unripe" soul, and they see themselves and the eccentric group as the "true worthy followers" of Jesus because they can receive the revelation that others can't.

Lichtkreis Christi continues with a promotion of neo-revelationism by explaining that for Christians, the crowning glory of all these messages is the Message of Jesus Christ as it is laid down in the New Testament and add that in spite of that, it cannot be complete, because Jesus with all certainty taught and preached more than what we find on these few pages.

She continues to explain how the bible is a book of love, how one should not judge and how God will never stop bringing us new revelations. Lichtkreis Christi then introduces her explanation of the "New Bible"  as follows: "As the continuation of the Old and New Testaments, it completes these to form a Holy Trilogy. The New Bible is the Holy Spirit’s effusion of mercy for mankind, as prophesied in the old Bible, providing a spiritual foundation for the New Era of Love, Truth and Justice. Just as the NEW TESTAMENT belongs to the OLD TESTAMENT and only together make up the BIBLE known until now, it is God’s Holy Will that the present Bible be completed through this NEW BIBLE for the New Era on Earth, thus forming the Holy Trilogy. Mankind did not, on the basis of what is written in the Old Testament or the New Testament, succeed in maturing to the point where it could take the direct path to God, even though this was rendered possible by the Lord’s Work of Redemption in Jesus Christ, which opened up the one, true way to God. Had it acquired the necessary maturity, mankind itself would, through its life in God’s eternal love, have written the most living New Bible for time and eternity as testimony to the fact that it was fulfilling God’s eternally holy and perfect will."

The Holy God of the bible are reduced to some New Age god who accepts and embrace all in the name of love and so step by step the Illuminati’s New Bible are being introduced.

Sadly, in spite of the numerous contradictions Lorber, Swedenborg and other mystics like them have with the bible and the essential doctrines of the bible (see doctrine section later in this document) and message of salvation, Christian mystics usually still naively believe that they are bible believers as stated by another eager Lorber supporter from “Friends of His Word”: "In principle these sensational texts - which are soundly based on the Bible and contain extensive clarifications of difficult Bible chapters - should be permanently on the bestseller lists. "

It can be seen now, how subtle these mystic readers have replaced the true bible for a new bible" with a "new message", all falling in with the greater plan of Satan, without them realizing it and with them often still thinking of themselves as true bible believers.

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