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Christianity vs "Christian mysticism"

"Every true ministry will point you to God and every false ministry will point you to yourselves. Their shewed focus is not on Jesus" Dr Lynn Hiles.

From a foundational level, Christian mysticism is about works of love, self discipline (including abstinence in various forms) and prayer.

In its essence it is about self-improvement programs. It boils down to saving oneself, by your own sweat and effort.

This is not what Jesus came for. That is not true Christianity. This is not what a life in Christ is about.

Gnosticism again, is about a person having no absolute moral values as such, but believing himself to be God, or Christ, and celebrating his own deity, by not submitting him or herself to any outward standard, but seeing his own personal truth, as he or she feels about things, to be the only truth that matters.

This is also not what a life in Christ is about either. I am not Christ. He is in the believer, but not in everybody. It is only when I become born of the Spirit, when through believing in Jesus Christ, I get joined to Him and my death with Him and resurrection with Him in a new life gets appropriated.

Gnostic mysticism is a combination of a "works program" with a "I am god" mindset. It is totally irreconcilable with Christianity. It is to live within the dimension still of eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and to live still under the law of sin and death and not within the law of life in Christ Jesus. (See diagram at start of this document)

In Christianity, the blood of Jesus is the starting point. We can not enter into a relationship with God without it. We can not enjoy oneness with the Father if it is not through the veil that was torn by
the blood of Jesus. We can not get washed from our filthy stains is it not by the blood of Jesus.
The bible teaches that the life is in the blood. The life, love and light of Christ are in His blood. We can not get the life of Christ manifested in us, if we don't abide in Him. And part of abiding in Him, is where we partake in the sacrament of Holy Communion, we celebrate the victory on the cross, and His life bursts for from within us.

The blood of Jesus poured from His pores like sweat of blood as His soul struggled against sin. Jesus overcame every soulish battle for us on the cross. And gave us the victory.

The blood of Jesus poured from His head, from the crown of thorns. Jesus brought us authority in Him over all the powers of darkness. Every demon in hell has to bow to the name of Jesus.

The blood of Jesus poured from His hands and feet, cleaning us from unrighteous ways and hands that does iniquity.

The blood of Jesus poured on His back, overcoming in the 39 lashes every one of the 39 possible streams of deceases a person can possibly have.

The blood of Jesus poured from His side, He made a way to us right unto to the heart of the Father.

Refer also to Priority no 1 of God.

As we eat from the Word of God, we also eat from Him, for He is the living bread from heaven and we feed our spirit man. As we mediate in meekness on His Word, it is a seed, that produces His life in us,
it changes our innermost being, and the life of Christ becomes manifested in and through us.

Soulish prayers are not powerful. God requires of us to pray and to worship from our spirit man. (See division between spirit and soul). In fact, soulish prayers can be witchcraft. When I for example pray for a specific person to give me a specific amount of money, and that is not something directed by the Holy Spirit but by my flesh, it is manipulative and can fall within the category of witchcraft. All of our lives should be submitted to the leading of the Holy Spirit in order to be pleasing to God.

When we start our live in Christ and are born into His Kingdom, we start of as spiritual babies. We grow towards maturity as we obey the Spirit and feed on His Word.

“I sail on my little boat on the Oceans of God’s love. Drawn by the current of His call. And all I have to do to mess this up, is to sail into a sand bank of self-reliant effort.” - Anonymous

God does not share His glory. All the glory is His due. And before Him one day, no human being will have any reason to boast, except than to have our boast in Jesus Christ as Lord and King and His accomplishments and grace.

Rodney Howard Brown once explained how a new Christian is all filled with the Holy Spirit and full of joy and the life of Christ. And then comes religion and he or she is being told of all the requirements. An hour a day of prayer. Then an half an hour of putting on armor. More and more are being laid upon the new believer, until at last he loses the joy of his salvation. This is the trap of Christian Mysticism. IT comes as a wolf in sheep clothes to lure us away from the abundant life that Christ purchased for us. A life, simply living, from Him, enjoying day by day, moment by moment fellowship and intimacy with God, and being submitted and lead by the Holy Spirit in everything we do. He was after all sent to teach and instruct us in all things, and there is no better teacher than Him. See also “Angels on assignment”

See also “The Blood of Jesus makes you free and Holy” to elaborate more on the power of the blood of Jesus and the symbol of communion.

The liquid love of God versus the Eros kind of love promoted by Christian mysticism

Short extract from Ana Mendez Farrell’s book “Seated in heavenly places”:
“On one occasion in which the Lord was preparing my heart for the great trials that were approaching my life, He brought a dream that shook me to the most sensitive fibers of my heart.

I saw myself floating in outer space. Our planets appeared small in the distance. Then I saw an enormous silver pistol, with a short but very powerful barrel. At that moment, silver bullets began to go out from it, one after another, slowly approaching the earth.

As in a close-up of a camera, my spirit penetrated the atmosphere, until I could see in detail the people within a city. The gigantic bullets began to arrive, and everyone was running in every direction through the streets while they shouted again and again, "No we don't want it"! The bullets then fell to earth and disintegrated.

Then I saw among the crazed multitude, some who had remained quiet, and, smiling, they extended their hands and waited for the bullets to fall upon them. When the bullets penetrated their bodies, the silver changed into light, and they were invaded by the indescribable splendor of God. Little by little, they began to transfigure until the only thing that was seen was the image of Jesus.

When I awoke from the dream, I asked the Lord, "What are these bullets?"
"It is My love," He answered me.
"Your Love? And why do You identify it with bullets?" I asked
"Because this kind of love is a love that kills. To know the depths of My love is also to know the deepest dimensions of pain and to understand the price, and what it means and what it costs to truly love"

"Many want nothing more than My blessings, but they do not know Me, though they know about Me. To know Me means to penetrate, to understand, and to make yourself one with everything that I am".

"In these last days, I am choosing from among My people those who will be My bride. They are those who have been crucified to the world and all of its desires in order to follow Me. And I am going to transfigure Myself into them, and My glory will be seen in them, because I honor those who honor Me. And the world will know those who know Me and have seen Me, and who just talk about what they heard, but they are more afraid of man than of Me."

See section Eros love Vs Agape faith to highlight the difference between Agape love and Eros love. Christian mysticism promotes a effort works based kind of human love based on own performance and sweat. Christianity promotes love as a fruit of the Spirit, but putting on Christ and by living from the stream of living water flowing from our innermost being.
Like a tree, that needs to draw water from the wells deep down in order to sustain him to ultimate growth, rather than to just drink from surface level water, it is necessary for the believer to connect with the deep love of the Father in his spirit man, and not to keep on focussing on soulish external manifestations of love to sustain him towards life. This is part of living from the spirit in Christ and not from the soul. God is spirit.

Love to the Christian is a fruit and not a work. And only when we receive the love of God for us through intimately dwelling with Him, it is possible for us to give what we received to others. And so the Father is glorified. We are to love God first. With all our hearts, soul and all our might and intellect. And part of loving God is to deeply revere and honor Him. That includes, to tremble at His Holy Word.

Self-righteousness Vs True righteousness
When we come to Christ, God places His laws on our hearts. We need to live from Christ and abide in Him. As we do, and feed from His Word, His life and His fruit gets manifested through us. It can not come from human striving.

The bible tells us that our self-righteousness is like filthy menstrual cloths to God. It does not please Him, but He is totally put off by it. Christian mysticism teaches ways of self-righteousness. Self-righteousness means that I try out of myself to become righteous enough to God by His standards. It is only the righteousness of Christ and a life that flows from the life of Christ that is pleasing to the Father.
Where two or more agree : Agreement with God or with Lucifer

When we agree with the Spirit of Truth on matters, we are in agreement with God. The Spirit of Truth is the Holy Spirit.
When we agree with deceiving spirits, we side with Lucifer and open doors for him to bring destruction into our lives.
The enemy came to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus Christ came that we can have life, and have it abundantly. In order to enjoy this abundant life, we need to come into agreement with Truth, with God, on matters. Our mind needs to be renewed towards the mind of Christ.
Truth is not all relative, and love is not more important than truth

Truth precedes love.

Just think humanly. If you fall in love with another person, but that love is based on a misrepresentation of who that person is, a dilution, a lie, then is that love real? Does it have substance? It is only when truth precedes love, that we fall in love with the person for who and what he or she truly is. And that love has substance and value.
When we fall in love with a dilution, a deception of who God is, we are not in love with God, but with our own mental construct about who he is. When we truly want to honor and love God, the way He expects of us to, we need to seek His face in truth and with meekness and humility. We need to lay down our concepts of who we want Him to be and allow Him to reveal Himself to us for who He really and truly are.
When we worship false concepts of God, we are in idolatry.
The truth about who God is is not relative. He is not who I want Him to be. He is who He is. And He wants us to worship Him in spirit and in Truth.

Refer to the diagram illustrating the differences between Christianity and the occult. Christian mysticism falls within the category of white occultism.
Also note, that within Christianity, our oneness is established with one another, through our individual oneness with the Father and Jesus through the Holy Spirit. In the occult the focus is oneness and unity horizontally
The bible says that friendship with the world is enmity with God. To participate in Christian mysticism and any occult religion, is to side with the enemies of God.

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