Friday, 19 February 2010

Spirituality : Christianity vs Chrisitian mysticism

Christian mysticism: separating truth from lie

Everything these days that is considered supernatural, or that moves away from just focussing on doctrine and rather focussing on a living relationship with God and that has any Christian kind of flavor or that refers to the bible in some way or another, seems to be labelled "Christian mysticism" these days.

Now though I believe that a child of God can and are supposed to have real encounters with the living God and that we are supposed to experience Him and walk with Him personally and not aim for some doctrinal and theoretical knowledge about Him only, I know for a fact, that everything that is supernatural, or that propose truth or that propose to be wise and about encountering God personally is NOT always truth.

When a person starts opening yourself up to the spiritual world, without knowing the scriptures and without knowing the power of God (and how it differs from that of Lucifer) you are moving on dangerous ground. The enemy is a deceiving liar, that wants to counterfeit everything God does, twists it, distorts it, and subtlety lure people who are hungry for God but short on truth and discernment into an ugly trap of terrible deception.

It is my heart to sound the whistle and to warn God's precious sheep of false prophets and false teachers.

God wants us to have prophecy and fresh revelation from the throne room, He wants us to have dreams and visions from Him, He wants us to speak to us real and personal, He wants us to do music and art for Him, to bring His supernatural healing to the sick, to know His thoughts, to share in Oneness with Him. He wants that. Yes. But the enemy knows that and presents something as a counterfeit, and if you don't know the real thing and if you don't know the scriptures, if you don't know God, and have walked with Him and straight want to go into the deep end of spirituality, o gosh, you are like a fragile sheep walking alone where there are many wolves that want to devour.

Let me be blunt and not beat around the bush. Prophets like Jakob Lorber, Bertha Dudde, Godfried Meyerhofen, Emanuel Swedenborg, Leopold Engel and Jakob Boehme as well as other prophets that was associated to them or those typically recognized by “Christian mystics” by the occult(that studied their work with an open spirit to learn and get impartation from them to prophecy by the "inner voice"), they are all false prophets! I repeat, they are false prophets.

There are much to say about them and the deception they bring, and I intend to write much more about them and their involvement with freemasonry, the occult, the illuminati and the global oneness initiative of Lucifer.

But let me at the same time give you names of prophets who do flow in the Holy Spirit and which truly gives the Word of God. These would include Jason Westerfield, Ana Mendez Farrell, Ivan & Isabel Allum and many of those associated to them. Now I am not saying that for any prophet we can sit back and not test anymore what they say. We need to always test any word any prophet brings whether it is of God. But these prophets know the living God, whereas the previous group (following Jakob Boehme) does not know the living God, but are doing mere channeling through demonic spirits

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