Thursday, 18 February 2010


Proverbs 14:12
“There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death”

Joy is not the absence of sorrow, it is the presence of God.

Do not believe every spirit. Do not believe every person. Even if they claim to be “so called Christian”. Even if you are familiar with them. Even if they in the past told truth. Test, and continue to test everything and every teaching against the Scripture, with a meek and teachable heart, trusting God, and He will keep you safe. There are many so called Christian churches today that is in gross deception.

The enemy does counterfeits of what God intended for His children to enjoy in purity and holiness. He lies and distorts.
Where there is true prophecy available in the Kingdom of Light : There is divinations and palm reading available in the occult.
Where there is spiritual dreams available from the Holy Spirit in the Kingdom of Light : There is occult dreams available as well
Where there is dancing by Holy Spirit in worship and adoration within the Kingdom of Light : There is occult dancing available in darkness
Where there is spiritual transportation by the Holy Spirit available (as with the apostle Phillip): There is astral travel available in darkness
Where there is a true blissful experience available of the love and presence of god : There is a counterfeit available in darkness as well.
Where there are true healings by the Holy Spirit : There are occult based healings such as crystal healing
Where there is seeing available in the 3rd heaven by the Holy Spirit : There is the occult opening of the 3rd eye to see into the 2nd heaven.

We need to not throw the baby out with the bath water. Just because there is occult supernatural activity, doesn’t mean that there isn’t something beautiful and pure available in the Kingdom of God. God has the best available to His children!

Proverbs 4:2 (NIV)
"Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life".
To walk the narrow road requires a childlike trust in God. If we find our hearts to be hardened and not soft, unable to believe God, we can meditate on scripture and God’s heart and love towards us revealed in Scripture until we are soft enough to receive it. We are needy of God, and dependant upon Him in everything all the time. Truth always sets us free - when we read Scripture and it does not set us free, we need to ask God to help us see it from His perspective, for then we are reading it wrong. If we can swallow our pride and recognize our utter dependancy upon God, even to please and worship Him, we can come and drink from the streams of living water that ony He can give. From what we receive from Him, we can give, from the light that shines on us, we can radiate the ligt of Christ. We can do nothing of ourselves. The two things we need to guard against as believers in Jesus Christ is only disobedience and rebellion. That is it. The Holy Spirit is our teacher and will teach us all things. He will use various avenues, even people to teach us. He will bring the right material to us. In all things, we are to stay dependant and to ask the Spirit if something is from Him or not when we are not sure. He is faithful. See how God sees us perfect through the blood of Jesus, and how atonement works (God’s perspective), and how rebellion and willful disobedience takes us out of the covering God intends for us to walk under.
New Age philosophy teaches that one can live independantly, that in fact you are god, and that your inner state is good and is Truth and can determine in itself what is truth and good. That was never what Jesus taught. He said: Mar 10:18 AndG1161 JesusG2424 saidG2036 unto him,G846 WhyG5101 callestG3004 thou meG3165 good?G18 there is noneG3762 goodG18 butG1508 one,G1520 that is, God.G2316 That is never what Paul taught either. Paul made it clear that our reconciliation to God is only by Jesus Christ. 2Co 5:18 AndG1161 all thingsG3956 are ofG1537 God,G2316 who hath reconciledG2644 usG2248 to himselfG1438 byG1223 JesusG2424 Christ,G5547 andG2532 hath givenG1325 to usG2254 theG3588 ministryG1248 of reconciliation;G2643 But they twist the Scriptures to make it say what they so desperately want to hear. When we follow idols and do not humble ourselves before God, we will hear according to the idols in our hearts. Jer 50:24 I have laid a snareH3369 for thee, and thou art alsoH1571 taken,H3920 O Babylon,H894 and thouH859 wast notH3808 aware:H3045 thou art found,H4672 and alsoH1571 caught,H8610 becauseH3588 thou hast strivenH1624 against the LORD.H3068 Babilonian mysticism brings a trap. That is why, the fear of the Lord, is the beginning of wisdom. Godly wisdom. True wisdom.
This is what Paul has to say about wisdom, from God’s perspective:(1Co 1:20) WhereG4226 is the wise?G4680 whereG4226 is the scribe?G1122 whereG4226 is the disputerG4804 of thisG5127 world?G165 hath notG3780 GodG2316 made foolishG3471 theG3588 wisdomG4678 of thisG5127 world?G2889
(1Co 1:21) ForG1063 after thatG1894 inG1722 theG3588 wisdomG4678 of GodG2316 theG3588 worldG2889 byG1223 wisdomG4678 knewG1097 notG3756 God,G2316 it pleasedG2106 GodG2316 byG1223 theG3588 foolishnessG3472 of preachingG2782 to saveG4982 them that believe.G4100
(1Co 1:22) ForG1894 the(G2532) JewsG2453 requireG154 a sign,G4592 andG2532 the GreeksG1672 seek afterG2212 wisdom:G4678
(1Co 1:23) ButG1161 weG2249 preachG2784 ChristG5547 crucified,G4717 unto the JewsG2453 a(G3303) stumblingblock,G4625 andG1161 unto the GreeksG1672 foolishness;G3472
(1Co 1:24) ButG1161 unto themG846 which are called,G2822 bothG5037 JewsG2453 andG2532 Greeks,G1672 ChristG5547 the powerG1411 of God,G2316 andG2532 the wisdomG4678 of God.G2316

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