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Global oneness drive : Idealism philosophy

In another article provided by the Global Oneness Commitment project, “Definition of Metaphysics: Idealism” by Times of India, an argument is made that everything that exists are mental and nothing can be immediately known except what is in the mind. At the end the conclusion is reached that “We can never truly judge whether something, with which we are not acquainted, actually exists!”
Again the question is, is this a valid argument and world-view? Idealism is a philosophy that emphasizes mind over matter and claiming that behind all reality is a divine mind, moving the world toward good. Christian Science has strongly promoted this philosophy and for example will argue that no sickness is real, it is only real in the mind and for decades Christian Science was the matriarch of the Mind Science family.

When we look at the philosophy of Mary Ann Borse Baker (better known as Mary Baker Eddy), we do not find a Scriptural account of who God is. As per Walter Martin it is important to remember that Eddy never believed in a personal God. Her theology only permitted an “it” for a god and apart from adoring this pantheistic impersonal deity, Eddy and her followers expounds this principle as the master key to resolve all human misery. Paradoxically, however, they deny misery exists in the first place but always try to convince anyone, who will listen, that Christian Science can remove this ‘error of mortal mind” through “prayer”. However, this prayer is not to a personal God. Eddy many times reaffirmed her convictions that prayer to a personal hindrance is not a help, but a hindrance. It seems that to them, the only true prayer is the affirmation of Principle Alertness the identification of one’s self with this pantheistic Principle.

Whenever they encounter evil they deny its reality; whenever they behold misery, they affirm its nonexistence; and even when death comes to a loved one, they simply assert that is an “illusion”, since Principle (God) is All, and “It” is good. Walter Martin exposes the deceit of Christian Science, how most illnesses “cured” by Christian Scientists are imagined illnesses that lack medical documentation and are seldom thoroughly verified by anyone other than the follower of Eddy or their sympathizer and also explains how towards the end of her life she allowed Christian Scientists the right to use anesthetics, surgery and the services of orthopedists for breaks and fractures etc. She herself also made use of doctors for her spasmodic attacks of hysteria.
It will appear that the philosophy of Christian Science and that of the Global Oneness Commitment Project with regards to the concept of “Idealism” corresponds, but this image of God and how He expects us to live can not be reconciled with Scripture and with the Biblical God. God is not pantheistic in any sense. Romans 1:25 “Therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in the lust of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves.

who exchanged the truth of God for the lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen”
The bulk of what is typically labeled “Body, mind, soul” could be traced back to a combination of Gnosticism and Mysticism. Mysticism includes a wide range of categories. For a more detailed look at the different varieties included in this category see the website of the Global Oneness Commitment Project

It includes categories as: Aura reading, Chakra awakening, Consciousness teachings, Dream interpretation (there is also a Christian dream interpretation but it differs vastly from the occult counterfeit), Enlightenment (Illuminism), Feng Shui, Hypnosis, Karma teachings, Kundalini (False Holy Spirit), Yoga, Astrology, Palm reading, Reincarnation teachings, Occult art music and dance, occult healing (including crystal healing), Theosophy (theosophy is openly associated with the Occult)

Different forms of Mysticisms are embraced as all forming part of the category “mysticism”. There is Hindu mysticism, Chinese mysticism, “Christian” mysticism (which is not Christian in this context!!!), Islamic mysticism, Jewish mysticism (Cabbala) and Other mysticism, to make room for everybody under the Gnostic Mysticism umbrella.

This all forms part of the Global Oneness initiative, to unite all and all religions into one mysticism religion.
As indicated in the earlier diagram, that everything that relates to spirituality and a feeling of Oneness with the divine, are not necessarily from the same source. Everything that is rooted in the occult (demonic) has it’s origin from the Kingdom of Darkness
. Even when it seems to have an appearance of wisdom or an appearance of good, it has nothing to do with True Christianity, as can be seen from the testimonies provided of people being delivered out of the occult towards true Christianity by the power of the Holy Spirit. Everything that looks good is not necessarily good.In Proverbs 14:12 the bible says “There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death"

C.W. Leadbeater (33 degree Freemason and Lucifarian) and Madame Blavatsky travelled together to spread the teachings of Theospohy globally.
Jesus said that He did not come to bring peace, but the Sword. A “Jesus” that is mainly interested in joining everybody into one global religion, is definitely not the Jesus of the bible, and would fit in perfectly with the goals of the Illuminati The Sword of His Word brings a divide, and separates darkness from light.

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