Friday, 19 February 2010

Plan of the Illuminati

The plan of Satan has been described by Christian fundamentalists is to replace the traditional Christian Scriptures and for it to become part of the new Gnostic bible after the destruction of the Roman Church in a "New Age of the Spirit". It is foreseen that the new gospel will promote occult Gnostic enlightenment and the divinity of man and that "The new gospel" will win converts through the method of "evangelization", which converts entire people groups to a Gnostic pseudo- Christianity, instead of Biblical "evangelism" which wins individual people to Jesus Christ. The eventual plan is to work about a new world order with a unified Gnostic church. Introducing Gnostic “mysticism”, working towards one common religion, would unite the world towards one church.

See the categories of mysticism, and it’s works, as promoted by “Global Oneness – co creating a happy world”. It is divided between “Christian mystics”, “Hindu mystics”, “Muslim mystics”, “Chinese mystics”, “Jewish mystics” and “Other mystics” to make room for everybody in this “one-world” religion.

Under the “Christian” umbrella of mysticism, the teachings of Jesus is described as prayer, forms of self-denial (abstinence) and alms giving, and so it is neatly joined with mysticism of other religions under the one umbrella of Gnostic mysticism.

In order to align Christianity with Gnosticism, the strategy can be divided into the following elements.

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