Friday, 19 February 2010

Spirituality defined

The Apostle Paul summarized his message as follows in 1 Corinthians 2:2"And I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified."
There are 2 groups which thinks themselves to be be related to “Christianity” that moves in the supernatural. Shall we call them both alternatives to "Christian mysticism"? Or shall we name only occult supernatural experiences as "Christian mysticism", dismissing the term in itself as an oxymoron and rename the non-occult experiences with God as something else, such as "Holy Spirit encounters"? Perhaps that would be wise. However it may be, the contaminated needs to be divided from the pure and there is a desperate need for that!
Group 1. The group that focusses on Christ crucified, and has a true revelation of what Jesus did on that cross and his total victory. They can operate through grace by faith in the power of the Holy Spirit.
Group 2. Then there is the group of false prophets that introduces another message, a "works based" program, denying Christ crucified or not talking about the cross at all and which function within the kingdom of darkness in white magic and occultism. They seem "good" but they are wolves in sheep clothes. They are "light bringers" of Illuminism that is very attractive to man. As Carl Teichrib puts it in his document “”Lucifer Rising Part 1: Light of the World "Once hidden within the occult priesthood of the mystery religions, the New Age Movement has now made the teachings of Lucifer available to the public. Hence, a new period of rejuvenated spiritual experimentation has taken shape. But while this new generation of mysticism is flourishing, its Luciferian doctrines are old– going back to the early days of history when a serpent claimed that mankind could “be like God” (Genesis 3:5)."
Other recommended sources/ links:
1. For more about mysticism - and how it has infiltrated the church as well as the New Emerging Church which results from that, see Mystics exposed2. See also Humanism exposed
3. This link explaining the occult nature of Cabbala (Jewish mysticism), 4. The following website also states that the term "Christian mysticism" when referred to in the occult sense as not being a form of true Christianity, and that it is an oxymoron.5. In Contemplative Spirituality, Nicholson states that Christian mysticism plays a big role in the large increase in occultism. It is said "but please keep in mind what New Age writer Marilyn Ferguson discovered: 31 percent of New Agers she quizzed said it was “Christian mysticism that got them involved”. This is the Christian mysticism being promoted through Christian bookstores and taught from the pulpits of our church leaders throughout Christianity. "
Where the Holy Spirit and the Scripture is downplayed and thrilling experiences becomes the primary objective with no attention to discernment of truth, then people starts slipping into massive deceptions.6. An important warning given by Chris Lawson in Defining Deception Yoga, Mysticism, New Age and the Occult
"Something important to remember is this: Casting aside the Biblical standard of divinerevelation in order to have an “experience with God” will always end in spiritual disaster. The world of pagan mysticism and the kingdom of the occult do just this. They both either reject Biblical truth outright or they cleverly redefine it in order to justify having an unbiblical “direct experience” with the divine. This is done in the name of spirituality and according to the wisdom of men, not God. It must be noted that the world of satanic deception is based on one thing Experience! Experience! Experience! People somehow think that if they have a spiritual experience it must be of God right? WRONG! "

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