Friday, 19 February 2010

Plan of the Illuminati : To bring "New Revelations" by false prophets

The plot was to raise up men who could be recognized by Christian circles as "so called" bible believing Christians to lure people away towards occult revelations. Christians would typically not listen to an outright occultist. Somebody with a form of godliness and an appearance of love for the bible, would be more acceptable to bring deception.

Barbara Aho noted from her studies how dominant figures in the occult/socialist movements were, with few exceptions, from Evangelical homes. For some the fathers were Anglican clergymen. She mentions how the onslaught of skepticism, higher criticism and mysticism had assailed the citadel of Scripture.

Emanuel Swedenborg, Christian mystic from the 17th century and founder of Swedenborgianism, was son of the Reverend Jasper Swedenborg, noted Lutheran minister and dean of the University of Upsala. . His role in Christian mysticism will be addressed later in this document.

Jakob Lorber, is another Christian mystic, who is believed by his followers to have studied nothing except the bible before he started his "New Revelation" writings.

Other German Christian mystics, to which the principles of this document also apply, include Bertha Dudde, Jacob Boehme and Gottfried Mayerhofer (who was believed to be a follower of Lorber).

Although this document refers more to German mystics, the principles are also not restricted to them only, but to every so called "prophet" who believed themselves to have received revelations from God which does not agree with Scripture. Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism for example, also received a "New Revelation", only his revelation was claimed to be from an angel and not directly from Jesus. Lance Owens wrote of Neibaur’s intimate knowledge of the Cabala and his strong influence on Joseph Smith in his document 'Joseph Smith and Cabbala: The Occult Connection'. . Joseph Smith is also unmasked as a Freemason by this source.

Already in the 11th century, monk and mystic, Joachim of Fiore, received the "revelation" of the 3 ages, the first age was revealed to be the age of the Father, and is coupled with the old Testament. The second age was revealed to be the age of the Son, coupled with the New Testament, and the 3rd age is coupled with the Holy Spirit (which could be interpreted that a 3rd book of the bible needs to be introduced by "New Revelation"). Using the 3 Borromean rings, he illustrated the Trinity. Those same rings and concepts are used by modern Christian mystic advocates such as Lorber supporter Lichthkreis Christi, to illustrate how the Old Testament, New Testament and New Revelation fits together. According to Joachim of Fiore, only in this third Age will it be possible to really understand the words of God in its deepest meanings and a new Epoch of peace and concord would begin. Note also how this corresponds with how the "Great Gospel of John" is ended in it's last 3 verses of it's last book.

It is also noted how William Branham, "Prophet" who started the movement "The message" received a "mystical" revelation that can be linked to that of Joachim: "God is not a Trinity, but has manifested Himself in three dispensations:
As Father in the Old Testament;
As Son in the New Testament;
As Holy Spirit in His Church.
(William Branham also associates the fall of Adam and Eve with a sexual encounter, just like some western mystics advocate). His revelations are recent and his following are still active, and a testimony of the mind control used on supporters of the prophet can be reviewed on the link provided.

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